Hayward Holiday Dance Party 2023 – Bios of the talent

About Janie 

Janie Rothfield is a power-house American fiddler, clawhammer banjo and guitar player who is widely recognized for her traditional and inventive style, in the pocket rhythm, whimsical groove and her award-winning original tunes. She is a full time touring musician playing concerts, workshops, festivals and dances around the world and online.   Janie has been performing, recording and teaching music that is rooted in Traditional American and Celtic Music since her teens when she started playing with older generation musicians from New England, North Carolina and Quebec. With over 15 recordings to her credit,  Janie has traveled the world with her unique brand of traditional based music including the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Australia, Canada and throughout the USA.  Janie is also the founder and director (and instructor) of Janie’s Jumpstart Home Based Weekend Music Camps held in homes around the world!

Janie currently performs as a solo artist and with Scottish Singer/Guitarist ALLAN CARR (her husband), BEVERLEY STREET  (Old Time and Celtic Music),

About Allan 

Allan Carr is one of Scotland’s finest traditional singers, whose unique repertoire of songs, ballads and stories reflects the culturally rich region of his native North East of Scotland.  Born and raised in Aberdeen, Allan grew up in a musical family of singers, fiddlers,pipers and accordion players.  Allan’s “resonant vocals have a depth found only in the rarest of singers” (Boston Globe) and he sings in an easy relaxed style with fine accompaniment on guitar and mandocello.

Daniel Steinberg

Daniel is well known in the Bay Area. Over the past 40 years, he has developed a unique approach to playing traditional dance music, incorporating his diverse interests in world music.  In addition to performances and recordings with the Hillbillies from Mars and the Rodney Miller Band, he has collected and taught French traditional dances, performed with Afro-pop and Latin American ensembles, and plays on Hori Da, an album of Basque music, with the band Ospa.  Since 1999, he has directed the World Harmony Chorus, a community chorus with three branches in Northern California.

Frannie Marr

Frannie began contra dancing in 1998 when she went looking for a new form of dance to bring back to her elementary school.  She quickly fell in love with the music and dance scene and became an organizer as well as a caller.  Frannie is known for her excellent choices of wonderful dances, and her clear precise walkthroughs which make her easy to understand and follow.  Can you tell she was a kindergarten teacher?  Frannie’s joy of dance is so present in her exuberant calling you’ll think you’re at a dance party.  Which is exactly where you’ll be when you arrive in Hayward.



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