COVID-19 safety policies

All dancers must:

    • WEAR a well-fitting N95 or KN95 MASK while inside the Hill & Valley Club.

    • REFRAIN from eating or drinking inside the dance venue.

    • DEMONSTRATE that they are fully vaccinated at the time of a dance.

You can DEMONSTRATE that you are fully vaccinated by:
your California Digital Vaccine Card,
Showing your vaccine card at the door – photos of vaccination card OK.

Our definition of fully vaccinated is:
An initial set of approved vaccinations PLUS a booster vaccine received at least two weeks prior to the dance,
The initial set of approved vaccinations received NO MORE THAN 6 months prior to the dance.

We, the organizers, will:

    • Cap attendance;

    • Confirm documentation of vaccination at the door (see definition above);

    • Assure safe behavior during the dance; &

    • Reserve the right to cancel the dance at our discretion.